Q.: What is RobPlansYourTrip.com?
A.: RobPlansYourTrip.com is a custom vacation itinerary planning service.   I will manage your travel reservations, provide sightseeing, routing and restaurant suggestions, and will make your trip as effortless as possible.  My slogan is "I can often save you money, but will always save you time."   

Q.:  Who is Rob?
A.: Rob Stern founded his business in March 2009, seeing a need for a custom vacation itinerary planning service for travelers who wanted to save the time and trouble of making their own arrangements, and benefit from more than 20 years of industry knowledge.  Since Rob has visited all 50 U.S. states, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Asia, South America and the Caribbean, he has first hand knowledge of many destinations.

Q.:  What kind of travel industry experience does Rob have?
A.:  Rob was Director of Information Services for Destination Marketing Association International from 2003-2010.  DMAI represents convention and visitors bureaus around the world.  He has also served as Information Specialist to the American Hotel & Lodging Association, and was a travel agent for the American Automobile Association for almost four years.  His other travel industry positions include Historic Hotels of America and the American Resort Development Association.  Rob began his tourism career at Betsy Ross Tours, a Washington, DC tour operator.  

Q.: Why should I use RobPlansYourTrip.com instead of shopping on the web to plan my trip?

A.: That's a fair question.  If you know where you are going, enjoy taking the time and challenge of booking your own trips, then RobPlansYourTrip.com may not be the service for you.  However, please know that RobPlansYourTrip.com not only uses numerous web sites, but we also review news articles and advertisements, travel guidebooks, consult local contacts and use personal experiences when creating custom vacation itineraries.  If you're interested in more reasons why having a travel professional plan your trip is a good idea, here's a top ten list article from FOX News. 

Q.: Why should I use RobPlansYourTrip.com instead of a traditional travel agent?
A.:  There are many hard working, professional travel agents who do a very good job of serving their clients.  However, as some travel agencies have downsized and reduced services, the time to ensure the best travel experience for the client has been lost.  In addition, RobPlansYourTrip.com receives minimal supplier commissions.  Since I work for my clients first, I can plan your trip without any biases.  Among the additional services provided are information about attractions and restaurants, local events and concerts, suggested routes and road construction reports.       

Q.:  If
RobPlansYourTrip.com doesn't usually receive much in the way of supplier commissions, how do your make any money?
A.:  RobPlansYourTrip.com will quote you a trip planning fee based on our initial conversation.  The quote will be based on the complexity and length of trip.  Many simple trips are planned for little or no service fee.  The only other costs are for some expenses, such as overseas faxes, overnight shipping, courier, etc.
Q.:  One time I used a travel agent who didn't want to help me redeem my frequent flier miles and hotel program points.  How do you feel about them?
A.:  Your former travel agent was reluctant to help you since that would be a lot of time for non-commissionable work.  At RobPlansYourTrip.com, it doesn't matter to us if your entire trip can be planned using miles or points, so long as I can redeem them for the trip you want.  In most cases, you will need more time in advance of your travel dates if you plan to make the best use miles or points.  Depending on the amount of work, I adjust my fee accordingly.
Q.:  Is there any trip you won't consider planning for me?
A.:  There are just a few cases, such as a complex trip on short notice, large family reunions and destination weddings, where I might decline the opportunity.  Our goal is to plan the best, most enjoyable travel experience for you, and so long as I can reasonably do that, I'm up to the challenge. 
Q.:  What if I don't need complete itinerary planning, but I just want you to arrange air transportation, a hotel room and a rental car, can you still help me?
A.:  Yes, of course.  I offer a less expensive option, called "Trip Express," for those who only need help with the basic travel essentials.  Many simple trips are planned with a small service fee.  I always let you know the cost of the service upfront.

Q.:  Will RobPlansYourTrip always get the best deal for me?
A.:  I'll certainly try, but I also know the difference between getting the best value for your money, rather than just the lowest price.  Sometimes I can get optional features, such as free breakfasts, free parking and room upgrades at hotels, or shipboard credits on cruises as bonuses.  I also continue to check prices after we complete the initial planning, in the event I can save you money if conditions change.  One client was able to get $277 in airline credit when I notified him of a ticket price drop.  My service does not end when the last reservation is made.  I monitor your flight arrival and departure times to alert you of possible delays, whenever I can.     

Q.:  Can RobPlansYourTrip get me free first class upgrades and
hotel rooms with the best view?
A.:  While I would love to do that for all our clients, the most I can promise is that I will use all of your personal travel status options to book the best trip possible.  If you are Elite, Gold, 1K, etc., I'll use this to its maximum benefit.  If you are among an airline or hotel's best customers, I'll make sure they know it.

Q.: What if I'm overseas and something happens in the world that will affect me during my trip, will you contact me?
A.: I'll certainly do my best to let you know if I learn about any schedule changes, airport security updates, or weather related delays. 

Q.:  Suppose I don't have any idea where I want to go on my trip, just some basic "must haves," will you make suggestions of places I might consider?
A.:  I'd be happy to, I actually like to share some of the undiscovered places, interesting experiences and fun events that make trips memorable.
Still have questions?  Please contact me:
Rob Stern
P.O. Box 80487
Raleigh, NC  27623 USA
"I can often save you money, but I can always save you time."

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